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Additional Resources
Downloadable resources available to individual
clients and their family members.

WorkLife Balance
The importance of an ongoing balance between commitment to work and commitment to other significant parts of a person’s life such as family and social connections.
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+ Parenting Tips
Advice about effective ways of parenting or how to encourage the behaviour that you really seek in children.
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+ Anxiety
Information to help the reader learn more about an essentially normal emotion that can at times become
an exaggerated and distressing experience. The information clarifies the different types of anxiety disorders and related conditions. It also looks at possible ways of response and treatment options.
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+ Relationship Enhancement
Advice about how to more effectively promote close personal relationships. The handout considers such things as the importance of openness and flexibility, effective communication and strategies for resolving differences and conflicts.
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+ Depression
Information is provided to the reader that helps people cope more effectively with depression. The examination of strategies and options is essential information for people experiencing symptoms and for friends and family close to that person.
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+ Grief and Loss
Both of these experiences are commonplace in any community. The information in this handout identifies the various aspects of grief and loss and clarifies some of the typical stages of processing and adjustment.
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+ Self Esteem and Positive Thinking
This handout refers to the central importance of strong self esteem for effective day by day functioning. There is advice about pursuing positive change, managing judgment or criticism and accepting compliments or praise.
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+ Better Sleep
Nine tips to improve your sleeping pattern. Information for the reader aimed at improving the quality and duration of sleep by practicing particular habits in a consistent manner.
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+ Healthy Lifestyle Tips
Tips to promote good diet, improved exercise
levels and an overall approach to a balanced
low stress lifestyle.
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