Group Workshops and Training

Group workshop training provides an avenue for learning and personal development in a group context. That is, group interaction and processes provide a different frame of reference for individual learning and development, as well as providing a supportive, sharing and caring environment
for participants.

Workshop training in areas like Stress Management, Managing Anxiety & Depressive Symptoms, Managing Anger, Grief and Bereavement, Parenting Skills, Work/Life Balance, Resilience, Drug & Alcohol Misuse, Assertiveness and Self Esteem issues can have particular advantages for learning when presented in a group setting.

Mind & Matter Consulting have psychologists that are highly experienced in group-work and group training, presenting these sessions on site and on a regular basis. A Medicare rebate is also available after an assessment and referral from a General Practitioner.

+ Psychometric Assessments
Psychometric assessments are available to individuals and groups in a number of keys areas of psychological functioning. These areas include general ability and intelligence scales for adults, adolescents and children. These kinds of assessments can be useful for vocational and educational reasons and can assist in decision-making and planning. They can also assist in relation to team building and leadership direction. Personality assessments are also available to help particularly in respect to group functioning and leadership. Furthermore testing can identify leadership styles and capabilities in the workplace setting. Emotional intelligence measures a core set of social and emotional abilities. An assessment identifies strengths but also helps determine areas of potential improvement so that communication can be enhanced and consequently social and work interactions
can be improved.

+ Memory Training
Memory is a critical aspect of our everyday functioning. However many people feel let down by their memory and seek to improve their memory capability. Memory training or enhancement is available for children, adolescents, adults and for seniors in the later part of their lives. The working memory in particular helps us store and retrieve information. We use that information in our communications, decision-making and planning for activities and actions. Memory training helps us to be more confident and effective in meeting our challenges.