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+ Employee Assistance Programs
A range of options are available to assist organizations, large and small to provide a program of support to their employees and their immediate family members. These programs by arrangement with the host organization are free and confidential. Assistance is provided for work and personal issues, trauma response and 24/7 phone support. Programs are available under an all inclusive fee or on a fee for service basis.

+ Workplace Cohesion and Mediation
We work with teams to reduce the level of disharmony and dissatisfaction and create an atmosphere of cohesion and productivity. In the event of individuals in conflict we initiate a procedure of mediation to deal with the issues at hand and generate strategies to allow for progress.

+ Workplace Consulting
We are able to assist organisations to assess
a workplace from a psychological perspective. We spend a limited amount of time with the employees and management to assess the dynamics of site, diagnose issues of concern and provide report and recommendations for improvement.

+ Executive Coaching
Professional Coaches are available to work with executives and managers to improve individual and organizational performance. Coaching is a process that attempts to help people develop their existing talents, skills and potential in a collaborative and non-judgemental way.

+ Supervision
Supervision is an intervention that assists people in their working and professional lives to observe their own processes via discussion and feedback. It aims to help people to perform a particular task or activity in a more efficient and productive way whilst maintaining their energy and enthusiasm. It is conducted face
to face or in a small group setting.

+ Assessment and Reporting
At times people are referred for psychological assessment which involves assessing a person’s abilities, personality or mental health and well being. This is commonly related to personal, social or work issues or a combination of issues. Usually an assessment requires an informal or formal reporting procedure which indicates to the referring person or body an outcome and recommendations. It requires agreement of
all parties involved, informed consent and a signed release of information from the individual concerned.

+ Legal and Financial Counselling
Our work with people in recent years has demonstrated that many people are experiencing legal concerns and feeling the intensity of financial pressures. We know from our work with people and from our knowledge of the literature, that these concerns and pressures can have significant impact upon the health and well-being of individuals and their families. Consequently where an EAP, provided by an employer, provides the benefit of financial and legal counselling support, Mind & Matter provide free introductory legal and financial counselling support (up to two sessions) to employees and their direct family members. The purpose of these sessions is to provide timely professional support to assist the client to make informed decisions about their legal and or financial circumstances. The service is provided by appropriately qualified and registered professionals.