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A comprehensive range of programs is available to suit all organizational needs.

The Mind & Matter health and wellbeing seminars aim to help individuals and teams develop greater insight into their processes both in terms of the workplace and at home. We aim to build awareness, promote skills and achieve improved outcomes. The seminars while encouraging group participation are predicated upon individual ownership of relevant issues and responsibility for change and improvement.

The format for each seminar is a formal presentation but open participation is encouraged so that issues that are immediately relevant for the audience will be explored. Each seminar is presented by a facilitator who is particularly experienced in the subject area,
both directly and in respect to the latest research.

Information handouts are provided for each participant so that they can keep a record of their training and practice their acquired skills in the future. The duration of each seminar will be set according to the requirements of the workplace.

Our training programs include:

Stress Management and Relaxation
Conflict Resolution
Effective Communications
Working with Difficult Customers
Grief and Loss
Trauma Management
Psychological Injury Strategies
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Effective Parenting
Peer Support Training
Retirement Preparation
Mental Health First Response