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These are therapeutic interactions between therapist and client where the client acquires understanding, insight, techniques and strategies for dealing with presenting
personal issues.

Typical issues that present are:
Relationship difficulties
Family conflict
Drug and Alcohol issues
Gambling issues
Self esteem issues
Trauma experiences
Other psychological health issues
Grief and bereavement

Many issues emerge in everyday life that can be challenging and at times perplexing. Good emotional or psychological health will be aided by meeting with a well trained and highly experienced Consultant Psychologist. The Psychologist will assist in first assessing the presenting matters and then discussing a program that addresses the issues of concern.

Psychological counselling is a supportive and confidential process. It is non judgemental and aims to provide the necessary support in an effective and efficient manner. Liaison with a referring General Practitioner or other medical or health professionals is available where appropriate. All Psychologists are registered for Medicare referrals. Male and female Psychologists are available.