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Stress occurs in the normal experience in everyday life.The challenge is to find ways to manage it so that it remains at levels that are within our comfort zone. We have a range of options available for individuals, groups,
or across an organization.

+ Individual assessment and
strategy development

We use a computer aided technique to develop with the person a picture of their current stressors and identify the area of discomfort. Together we consider a preferred position and develop a plan to move towards those objectives. We call these sessions stress management support sessions. These sessions
can be used to assist certain individuals who are experiencing difficulties or certain roles within the organisation may be identified as particularly demanding.

Group Development
We help identify particular groups within the workplace that are more likely to experience
higher levels of stress and consequently benefit
from strategies aimed at providing ongoing support. These particular groups may be exposed to an unusually high experiences of stress due to the nature of their work or the levels of responsibility that they hold.